Blackbird Guitars was formed in 2005 when founders and designers Joe Luttwak and Kyle Wolfe gave-up searching for a compact instrument worth bringing along for the ride.

As time went on, Blackbird endeavored to create a material with the strength of carbon fiber, while preserving the visual aesthetic and tonal qualities of the finest tonewood. In 2013, they built their first instruments from Ekoa®, a beautiful, sustainable biocomposite made from the natural linen fibers of the flax plant. Through extensive research and rigorous testing, the Clara and Farallon ukuleles were born.

Today, Blackbird Guitar enjoys a reputation as a builder of the world's finest wood-free, worry free instruments. Part mountain dulcimer and part F1 race car, Blackbird ukuleles are high performance instruments built for the road in their shop in San Francisco's Mission district.
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